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29 October 2007

The Shortened Translation of My Second Podcast

I'm working on a wonderful project! It includes podcast and the power point presentation. I made it in Russian. So here I give the short review of what I'm going to be talking about. Hope it works.
It would be much better if I knew how to place the power point presentation in my blog.


1. Hello! Today we are going to learn a bit of the history of St. Petersburg. Podcast and Power point Presentation will be helpful. To change the slide, click on the picture after you hear a special sound. Let’s try!
2. We are going to talk about the birth of the city and start talking about its first building - The Peter and Paul Fortress.
3. Ioann Bridge leads us to the Fortress.
4. The city is built on 42 islands.
5. There was a village here. The land lord named it the devil’s place after the flood that ruined everything.
6. The Finnish name of the island is the Hare’s island. Here comes the small monument to the hare at the entrance.
7. As you look around you, you'll see The Trinity Cathedral.
8. It was in fire in 2006.
9. The Trinity Bridge.
10. The Summer Gardens.
11. The Michailovsky castle.
12. The Marble Palace.
13. And The Church on the Spilled Blood going along the embankment of the Neva River.
14. The Northern War in 1700 for the outlet to the Northern Sea.
15. Several Fortresses were captured by Peter the Great.
16. Peter the Great chooses the place to build his own fortress to protect the city.
17. The sculptures on the Ioann Gates remind of the Northern War battles and the date 1740 is the date when the Fortress was completed.
18. Let's stop at the map of the Peter and Paul Fortress.
19. Next time we'll talk about the buildings of the Fortress. Stay with me!
20. It was Julia Koreshkova, UNI's graduate student. Bye!


Sal said...


I think it is very interesting that your blog is in Russian, and then translated into english. I'm a history nut, so I always am drawn into information that has history attached to it. Good job in explaining your interesting facts.

Sal said...

I think it is very interesting that your podcast is in Russian and then translated into English. I'm a history nut, so anything with historical value catches my interest. You have interesting facts and a well organized outline, great job.