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28 November 2007

Google groups

This week we had an exciting experience of a collaborative on-line learning. We created a group in Google and worked through it with my partner. Sarah was upstairs and I stayed on the first floor. We had no chance to communicate face to face. It was an unusual and a bit challenging experience, and I’m really happy to have had it.

There are several conclusions I made to myself:
· Your computer must work fine, and you need to have a quick access to the Internet. I lost Sarah for a while because she had some problems with the connection, and I didn’t know about it.
· The idea of answering different questions in groups was great. Some of the questions were answered by me, some by Sarah, and some by other groups. The best thing was that there were questions to which both Sarah and I gave answers. So we had a chance to discuss them and choose the best ones.
· It was good that we were to do a lot of things ourselves (such as creating a group). At the same time if we had questions or needed help, we were given it immediately. I had a feeling that out “teachers” were learning together with us.

I don’t know whether I’m going to work in Google Groups a lot, but this was a really nice experience! Thanks guys!

Picture retrieved from: http://news.softpedia.com/images/news2/039-Macs-Inside-Google-Group-039-launched-1.jpg

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