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06 November 2007

For Teachers

This materials should go to the wiki page. I reorganized it a little bit and placed all the emergent technologies our group found in a new blog. The Wiki page looks boring and colorless to me.
The interesting thing is that as soon as my findings appeared on My Creative Page, I started receiving comments with suggestions of emerging technologies people use in their practice of just find worth mentioning.

I think it can be useful in subjects where you need to work with terminology. This site allows you to create your own flashcards:

Rubric makers
Here you can create rubrics on any topics:

It's a WebQuest writing site:

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John Weidner said...

Another site for creating flashcards is StudyStack.com. On the StudyStack site, after you've entered data for flashcards, the same data is also used to display a crossword puzzle, hangman game, matching activity, word search puzzle, word scramble game, and fill-in-the-blank exercise. Flashcards can also be saved to a cell phone, PDA, or iPod.